Appointment as Seahorse Pursuivant

Sixteen months after being made the Herald of the Canton of Whyt Whey, I have been appointed the Herald of the Crown Province of Østgarđr, whose title is Seahorse Pursuivant. My report from the meeting of the Provincial Officers Council follows.

To the populace of the Crown Province of Østgarðr, on behalf of their Viceroy and Vicereine, does Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin send his greetings.

Following this evening’s Commons meeting, the Provincial Officers Council gathered to review the candidates for those offices whose terms expire this month.

Herein are recorded the result of that session as I recall them.

Baronè Francesco Gaetano Grèco d’Edessa has stepped down as Seneschal. Please join me in thanking him for his service.

Hlæfdige Alienor Salton, called Piglet, has been selected as the new Provincial Seneschal by a vote of the Officers Council.

Alienor has also been appointed to be the province’s Webminister. The former occupant of that office, Lady Arnora Ketilsdottir, stepped down earlier this year to care for her newborn — our thanks and congratulations to her and her family.

Alienor is stepping down from her positions in the Canton of Whyt Whey, ceding those offices to her deputies; Lady Vika Grigina z Prahy will serve as the Seneschal of Whyt Whey, and Lady Anneke Valmarsdotter will become the Whyt Whey webminister.

Lord Mongu Chinua has stepped down as Herald. He has the province’s appreciation for his efforts in this office in recent years.

Your humble correspondent, Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin, has been appointed to be the new provincial Herald. I have asked Chinua to stay on and assist me as deputy herald, for I shall have need of his knowledge.

I am stepping down from my position as Herald of Whyt Whey, and passing that office to my deputy, Lord Erich Guter Muth, who served in that position before me.

Lady Marion of York has stepped down as provincial Fencing Marshal. She has ably led the rapier corps, and we look forward to seeing her on the field again in the coming year.

Alexander MacLachlan has been appointed to serve as the Fencing Marshal. In recent months he has been actively working to energize the fencing program and we eagerly anticipate his continued success. Alienor has also asked him to assist her as deputy Seneschal, where his experience will be much appreciated.

Magistra Rufina Cambrensis has been re-appointed to her position as provincial Chronicler. Her reliable publication of our monthly newsletter, the E-Horse, is a valuable service to all members of the populace.

For the outgoing and incoming officers of the province — Hooray! Hooray! Hooray!

By my hand at Straus Park on the feast day of St. Florentius, I remain yours in service,

— Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin
Seahorse Pursuivant

The Arms of The Viceroys and Vicereines of Østgarðr

As we approach the 50th anniversary of Østgarđr, and indeed of the East Kingdom — because in the beginning, Østgarđr was the East — we’ve been looking back over our history, and in keeping with that project I thought I would catalog the armorial devices of the viceroys and vicereines of Østgarđr since the earliest days. Continue reading “The Arms of The Viceroys and Vicereines of Østgarðr”

The Order of the Sea Dog

A sea-dog rampant azure, finned Or.

The Order of the Sea Dog of Østgarðr is an award for service to one of the cantons of Østgarđr. Its name is sometimes written as a single word, “Seadog.”

The name and badge are rich with allusion, as “sea dog” is both nautical slang for an experienced sailor and the heraldic term for a half-dog/half-fish creature with a broad scaly tail that is often identified with the beaver, a creature that was plentiful in the territory of Østgarđr during the medieval period, and is memorialized on the seal of New York City, adopted in 1686.

The Bylaws say “The Order of the Seadog is granted by the Viceregency to citizens for service at the Canton level.”

Recent recipients of this award have been given both a medallion of the order, and a small fuzzy beaver finger puppet.

The Annals of Østgarđr report that the order was founded in 1998, “at Agincourt on October 31. The initial recipients were Brekke Franksdottir and Marion of York from Lions End, Aurora ffolkes and Thomas of Northpass from Northpass, and Brithwen of Bores Hulla and Anabel Ravaya de Guzman from Whyt Whey.”

The heraldic registrations for the order’s name and badge were approved in 2008.

The list of recipients of the Sea Dog in the East Kingdom’s Order of Precedence is sadly incomplete, but a request for corrections has been submitted.

[Update, Dec 1:] The online Order of Precedence has been updated with this information and I believe it now has a correct and complete list of recipients as of this date.

The Award of the Sea Star

An estoile of five rays argent.

The Award of the Sea Star is a token given to recognize service at an event in the Crown Province of Østgarđr.

According to The Annals of Østgarđr, it may be awarded by the Viceroy, Vicereine, or Provincial Seneschal.

It is described in the Provincial Bylaws as:

The Honor of the Sea Star: Bestowed by the Viceregency upon individuals who have, on a particular occasion, served the Province well and ‘made things happen.’

An individual may receive this award more than once; indeed, it is not uncommon for a single person to have more than a dozen Sea Stars.

Token Photo by Kate Regina.

The token takes the form of a small starfish charm.

The Sea Star was introduced by Ian and Katherine on June 2, 2001, at the Riding of the Marches in Northpass. The Annals of Ostgardr report that “the first recipient was Alastair of Clan Campbell (from Rusted Woodlands), the event’s Head Chef.”

The heraldic registrations for the order’s name and badge were approved in 2014.

Former Viceroy Alexandre Lerot d’Avigne wrote in the Lochac wiki, Cunnan, that

In the reign of Ian and Katherine, the Seastar was traditionally awarded at events for service at that event. However, sometimes “back Seastars” were given at subsequent events. Alexandre and Eularia opted to award Seastars in Viceregal Court at a subsequent event to raise the profile of the honor.

During the reign of Gui and Johanne, Sea Star awards were given out more frequently, often to everyone who worked at an event, and at a few small, special events, to everyone who attended. Suuder and Lada have continued this tradition, awarding them in person during the course of an event rather than in a formal court session.

Due to the generous and informal distribution of Sea Stars, no complete list of their recipients exists.

Court Report, Whyt Whey Schola In The Solar

On October 28, A.S. LII, whilst his Excellency Suuder Saran, Il-Kha’an of Østgarđr, did lie abed recovering from a contagion, his fair lady Il-Khatun Lada Monguligin did venture forth unto her canton of Whyt Whey to attend a schola of arts and sciences, and there did share some of her talent in illumination with the populace, and did observe other displays of knowledge and partake in the feast that was set before her.

At the conclusion of the day, her Excellency held court, opening with kind words for the event and all who had attended.

She then called for those newcomers attending their first, second, or third event in the province to appear before her, and did award them a gift of candles in the form of the badge of the province, and all present did cheer them as the future of our society.

Next she asked the day’s event steward to come forward, whom was Lady Godiva de la Mer, the canton’s Minister of Arts and Sciences. Said lady did express her pleasure with the success of the schola, and thanked those who had assisted her in holding the event and those who had taught the many classes that day.

There being no more business before her Excellency, she then closed her court, and did process forth from that place, accompanied by the singing of a traditional provincial refrain by the populace.

These are the events of the day as I recall them.

For the Province, I remain,

– Bóaire Mathghamhain Ua Ruadháin
Whyt Whey Herald

Thanks to Stephanie for the court photograph.

The Østgarðrian Ladies’ Favor

The Østgarðrian Ladies’ Favor is a former martial award of the Crown Province of Østgarđr. It has fallen out of use in recent decades.

The Bylaws describe it thusly:

Bestowed by the Vicereine (if any) upon the person who has most distinguished him/herself both on and off the list field. She may, if she chooses, confer with the other Ladies of Østgarðr. The Favor is worn for one year and may be rebestowed on the same person.

Mordred Mjothvitner reports that he received this award for two consecutive years during the 1990s, and that it was given during the Provincial Champions event by the vicereine and her attendants.

The Order of The Silver Sea-Lion

Vert, in pale three sea-lions passant argent.

The Order Of The Silver Sea-Lion is the martial award of the Crown Province of Østgarđr.

It was created by His Excellency Gui Avec Chival (Viceroy AS XLVI–LI) to recognize both martial prowess and the leadership and training of others in the province in those skills.

The motto for the order is “I Go Forth, So That Others Might Follow”.

The heraldic registration for the order’s name and badge were submitted in 2011 and registered in 2012, although the name was returned and then accepted after a rule change. (I’ve previously posted the submitted image and other details of these registrations.)

The list of recipients of the Silver Sea-Lion in the East Kingdom’s Order of Precedence is sadly incomplete; a more accurate roster is set forth below.

On November 5, 2011, at Season’s Beatings in Brokenbridge, it was awarded to its principal:
• Llewyllen ap Rhys.

On February 12, 2012, it was given to:
• Valgard Stonecleaver, for armored combat.

On April 27, during Viceregal court at Crown Tournament in Østgarđr, it was awarded to:
• Suuder Saran, for archery.

On September 7, 2013, at the Feast of John Barleycorn in Northpass, it was given to:
• John the Bear, for thrown weapons.

On January 7, 2017, at Twelfth Night in Valhalla in Brokenbridge, it was awarded to:
• Alexander MacLachlan, for fencing.

On September 9, 2017, at the Feast of John Barleycorn in Northpass, it was granted to:
• Conor O’Caellaigh, for archery.

[Update, Dec 1:] The online Order of Precedence has been updated with this information and I believe it now has a correct and complete list of recipients as of this date.

The Order Of The Silver Lantern

I’m continuing my earlier series of posts on the orders and awards of Østgarđr with some more detailed writeups of each one. More should follow soon. — Mathghamhain

On a mullet vert a lantern argent.

The Order Of The Silver Lantern is an Arts & Sciences award of the Crown Province of Østgarđr.

The award was created by Her Excellency Johanne i Visby (Vicereine AS XLVI–LI) to “acknowledge skill, sharing and teaching in the Arts and Sciences.”

The heraldic registration for the order’s name and its badge were submitted in 2012, but the first design of the badge (which lacked the star) was returned for conflict and needed to be resubmitted before passing in 2013. (I’ve previously posted the submitted image and other details of these registrations.)

Medalion Photo by Godiva d’Mer

It is the only provincial order to not have the word “Sea” in its name, and as a result it is often mistakenly called the Order of the Sea Lantern.

The list of recipients of the Silver Lantern in the East Kingdom’s Order of Precedence is sadly incomplete; a more accurate roster is set forth below.

On February 21, 2015, at Lions In Winter, it was awarded to its principals:
• Alienor Salton;
• Godiva Eclipea Blackheart D’Mer.

On September 12, 2015, at the Feast of Barleycorn, it was awarded to:
• Aquilina of the Sea Cliffs, for brewing, workshops, and running the Barleycorn brewing contest;
• Oliver de Bainbridge, for excellence in brewing and teaching, along with the title “Brewer to the Vicereine”;
• Angelica de Nova Lipa;
• Friderich Grimm, for skill at cooking.

On September 10, 2016, at the Feast of Barleycorn, it was awarded to
• Ervald la Coudre the Optimistic, for bardic performance.

(Due to a scribal error in recording the previous year’s awards, it was also presented to Angelica de Nova Lipa for a second time, but as people may only receive this honor once, this is considered to have no effect.)

[Update, Dec 1:] The online Order of Precedence has been updated with this information and I believe it now has a correct and complete list of recipients as of this date, except for mis-stating the date of Lady Angelica’s award.

Orders and Awards of Østgarđr and the East Kingdom

Following a recent discussion of kingdom and provincial orders and awards, I thought I’d try my hand and putting together a visual overview, in part to force myself to wrap my head around all of them, and also in hopes that the result might be of use to others.

My point of reference for this was the East Kingdom Awards Overview created by Tola knitýr, which is itself based on a similar chart created for the Middle Kingdom by Gebhard.

Rather than just copying the existing chart, I wanted to make sure I understood the underlying awards, but after looking at various write-ups online, it turned out that many of them were out-of-date following a significant reorganization of the East Kingdom award structure that took effect in October 2015.

The definitive source of information is Section IX of the Laws of the East Kingdom, which is the governing document that authorizes the current set of awards. The SCA’s main web site contains a friendlier presentation of that information, and the Awards page in the East Kingdom Wiki has a bunch of useful background information, as well as tangential material like lists of old, now-closed orders.

To this I added Østgarđr’s orders and awards. Some of these are described in section IV of the provincial bylaws, although an update will be required to address a few more-recently-created ones that are not yet mentioned there. I filled in the gaps by referring to my earlier writeup of the heraldic registrations for Østgarđr’s orders and awards.

The end result of that noodling around is attached as a 2-page, 162KB PDF file.

Caveat: this is a draft work in progress, and most assuredly contains some errors. Corrections and other feedback would be welcome.

[Update October 5:] I should note that there are a number of historical awards which have been discontinued and orders which have been closed. While these are still recognized, they are no longer granted to new recipients, and they are not included on this chart.

[Update October 10:] Thanks to some feedback on the Østgarđr Facebook group, I’ve learned more about a few of the awards and put together an updated version of this chart, now available as a 3-page PDF, or click the images below to zoom in.

Orders & Awards of the Crown Province of Østgarđr

Non-Martial Orders & Awards of the Society and East Kingdom

Martial Orders & Awards of the Society and East Kingdom

As noted above, this is a work in progress — let me know if you spot any errors or have suggestions for better ways to present this information!


Heraldic Registrations of the Canton of Brokenbridge

Brokenbridge is Østgarđr’s youngest canton, corresponding to Brooklyn, or King’s County.

Canton of Brokenbridge

The canton’s name was submitted in March 2006, and accepted in September.

The name is believed to reference one of the canton’s most iconic landmarks, the Brooklyn Bridge.

The documentation provides Old English sources for the two name elements:

Broken – from OE brocen “broken, broken up, uneven” (A.H. Smith, English Place-Name Elements A-IW) p. 52. Ex. Brokenborough (Brochenborge 1086), from Ekwall p. 68.

Bridge – from OE brycg “a bridge.” (see A.H. Smith above, p. 54). Ex. – Tonbridge (Tonebridge, 1086), Stalbridge (Staplebrig, 1086) from Ekwall, pp. 477 & 436.

(A similar branch name, the Bailiwick of Broken Bridges, was registered in August 1984 with the note that “Brokenbridge would be a more period form,” but was then released in December 1989 along with many other defunct branch names of the East.)

Vert semy of bees Or marked sable, on a pale argent in pale a coney rampant and a laurel wreath vert.

The canton’s arms were submitted in April 2006, and forwarded to the Society level in May, but then pended in September and not accepted until April of 2007. The pend was due to a confusion about the color of the bees’ wings: the submission form sent to Laurel blazoned them as “bees proper” but displayed bees with wings Or. (In the Society, bees proper have wings argent, body Or, with the abdomen marked with sable stripes.)

Curiously, the image that was uploaded to OSCAR didn’t match the version sent to Laurel — they both started from the same outline image, but the version on OSCAR had been colored differently, showing argent wings and four sable stripes rather than three. Because the image in OSCAR did depict bees proper, the issue was not flagged in commentary prior to reaching Laurel, at which point the September 2006 pend letter pointed out that the picture on the submission form they had received did not match the proposed blazon. The April 2007 LoAR modified the blazon to match the original submission image, “bees Or marked sable,” and accepted it for registration.

The arms are said to contain a rebus for another of the canton’s landmarks: the pale containing the coney can be read as “Coney Aisle,” or Coney Island. (I’ve also heard that the pairing of bees and rabbit provide a reference to “Bugs Bunny,” although I don’t know what connection that has to the canton.)