April’s Traceable Art

There’ve been 120 new illustrations added to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art since February, bringing us to a total of 2,600 items.

This batch includes a depiction of a belladona flower and a number of other images by Nicholas de Estleche, as well as two caps — a bycocket and a cap of maintenance — and some everyday items found in medieval households, including a grater, a funnel, and a hand mirror.

Below is a summary of the new entries; each includes a single illustration unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Lines: Nebuly Line (1 additional)
  • Field Divisions: Per Bend Nebuly (1 additional), Per Chevron Ployé Flory at the Point (1 additional), Per Fess Nebuly (1 additional), Per Fess Potenty, Per Pale Potenty
  • Ordinaries: Chief Engrailed, Chief Invected, Chief Potenty, Fess Engrailed, Fess Fusilly, Fess Invected, Fess Potenty, Pale Fusilly, Pale Potenty, Pile (1 additional), Pile Cotised, 3 Piles Inverted Palewise
  • Shapes & Symbols: Cross Moline (1 additional), Lozenge Ployé (1 additional), Lozenge Pometty, Masculyn, Mitsutomoe (2 additional), Zule
  • The World: Crescent (1 additional), Gurges (3 additional), Stone (1 additional)
  • Plants: Acorn Slipped & Leaved (1 additional), Beladona Flower Slipped and Leaved, Lotus Flower Affronty (1 additional), Palm Tree, Pine Tree (1 additional), Rose (1 additional), Sexfoil, Sprig of Tobacco
  • Invertebrates: Butterfly (2 additional), Scorpion (1 additional), Spider (1 additional), Wasp (1 additional)
  • Birds: Bird Volant Addorsed, Duck Enraged, Eagle (1 additional), Eagle, Double-Headed (1 additional), Pelican In Its Piety (1 additional)
  • Beasts: Anteater Rampant, Badger’s Head Cabossed, Badger’s Head Erased (1 additional), Bagwyn Rampant Guardant, Beaver Rampant Vorant of a Fish (1 additional), Beaver Salient (2 additional), Beaver Salient Vorant of a Fish, Beaver Statant (2 additional), Beaver Statant Vorant of a Fish, Boar’s Head Issuant From a Bowl, Dog Passant (1 additional), Genet Passant, Horse Passant (1 additional), Ibex’s Horn (1 additional), Lion Passant Guardant (1 additional), Lion Queue Forchy (1 additional), Mouse Dormant, Mouse Sejant Erect, Tyger Statant, Wolf Passant (1 additional), Yale Rampant (2 additional)
  • People: Arm Vested Fesswise Maintaining a Gemmed Ring, Moor’s Head (2 additional)
  • Objects: Ark of the Covenant (2), Bellows (1 additional), Besom (1 additional), Brooch, Closed (2 additional), Buckle (1 additional), Bycocket, Candlestick (3), Cap, Cap of Maintenance (2), Carriage Frame, Chest, Cog-Wheel (1 additional), Comb, Hair, Drill, Folding Fan (1 additional), Winnowing Fan, Fork, Funnel, Furison (2 additional), French-Cut Gemstone In Profile, Hexagonal Gemstone, Grater, Heckle, Hood, Knife (1 additional), Ladle, Lymphad with Oars Shipped (1 additional), Hand Mirror, Wall Mirror, Phial (1 additional), Bookbinding Press, Rapier (1 additional), Scroll, Open (1 additional), Shacklebolt, Shoe (1 additional), Spoon (1 additional), Tambourine, Tassel (1 additional), Triangular Trivet

Another Round of Traceable Art

Over the last month I’ve added another 135 illustrations to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art.

As with last month, these are drawn from a variety of sources, including some more beasts from Torric inn Björn, some tools and objects from Gustav Völker, and a couple of funky lions from Thomas Wriothesley.

Below is a summary of the new entries; each includes a single illustration unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Ordinaries: 2 Bars Wavy (1 additional); 3 Bars Wavy; Base Wavy Barry Wavy; Bend Indented (1 additional); Bordure Denticulada (1 additional); Bordure Dovetailed; Chief Indented; Fess Indented; Fess Wavy (1 additional); Pale Indented; Pallium; Saltire Engrailed
  • Shapes & Symbols: Chi-Rho; Cross Of Toulouse (1 additional); Fleur de Lys (1 additional); Suffolk Knot; Label of 5 Points Throughout (1 additional)
  • Plants: Broom Sprig Fructed; Carrot (1 additional); Fig Sprig Fructed; Garlic Bulb (1 additional); Hemp Leaf; Laurel Wreath (2 additional); Mandrake; Female Mandrake; Oak Tree Fructed and Eradicated (1 additional); Onion; Raddish (2 additional); Rose (2 additional); Tree (1 additional)
  • Invertebrates: Stag Beetle Statant (1 additional)
  • Fishes: Crayfish; Dolphin (1 additional); Lucy (1 additional); Sea-Lion (1 additional)
  • Reptiles: Dragon (1 additional); Dragon Passant (1 additional); Dragon Statant (2 additional); Pithon Volant (2 additional); Serpent Glissant (1 additional); Two Serpents Entwined; Wyvern Sejant Tail Nowed
  • Birds: Falcon Jessed (1 additional); Falcon Hooded and Jessed; Feather (1 additional); Martlet (1 additional); Pelican Vulning Itself (1 additional)
  • Beasts: Alphyn Rampant; Antelope Salient; Antelope’s Head Cabossed; Antelope’s Head Erased; Bear Couchant Head Lowered; Bear Rampant (1 additional); Bear Sejant Affronty; Bear Statant Affronty; Bear’s Head Erased and Muzzled (1 additional); Beaver Rampant (2 additional); Boar Passant (1 additional); Boar Rampant (2 additional); Boar Sejant; Bog Beast; Pair of Buffalo’s Horns; Bull’s Massacre; Camel Couchant; Camelopard Passant; Chameleon; Cat, Domestic, Couchant Head Lowered; Dog Passant Guardant; Dog Rampant (1 additional); Dog Rampant Collared; Goat Salient (1 additional); Griffin (1 additional); Lamb Passant; Lamb Passant Regardant; Lamb, Paschal, Regardant; Lion Queue Fourchy (1 additional); Lion Passant (2 additional); Lion, Winged, Passant Regardant; Lion’s Head Erased (1 additional); Mouse Statant (1 additional); Pegasus Segreant (1 additional); Ram’s Head Couped; Rhinoceros; Squirrel Maintaining A Nut; Stag Courant; Stag Rampant Collared and Chained; Stag’s Attire (1 additional); Stag’s Attire In Annulo; Stoat Passant (1 additional); Unicorn Passant (1 additional); Unicorn, Winged; Wildcat’s Head Cabossed; Wolf’s Head Erased (1 additional); Yale Rampant (1 additional)
  • People: Arm Vested Fesswise With A Hand Of Benediction; Arm Fesswise Maintaining A Club; Ass With A Jester’s Head Passant; Centaur Passant (1 additional); Centaur Sejant Brushing Her Hair; Centaur Sejant Drawing A Bow; Sole Of A Foot; Maiden’s Head Couped and Hooded Facing Dexter; Man Robed; Man Vested and Maintaining a Scythe; Melusine (1 additional); Mermaid (1 additional); Merman, or Triton (1 additional); Monk Robed and Maintaining a Book; Moor Passant; Saracen’s Head Affronty Erased Maintaining a Torse (1 additional); Seraph (1 additional); Viking With Arms Raised
  • Objects: Andirons, Pair of Dog-Headed; Barnacles, Pair of (1 additional); Barrel (1 additional); Bridge, Twin-Towered, Of A Single Arch; Bridge, Triple-Towered, Of Two Arches; Bucket with Handle (1 additional); Buckle (1 additional); Cloth Hung Over A Rod; Column (1 additional); Comb; Compass, Drawing; Cornucopia Effluent (1 additional); Crown; Harp (1 additional); Key (1 additional); Mill; Pipe, Tabacco, Enflamed; Rods, Bundle of; Sail; Spade (1 additional); Tower (1 additional); Open Well (2 additional); Wheel of Fortune

Recent Art Additions

Over the winter holidays I took some time to add another 156 illustrations to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art.

Many of these are drawn from the Viking Answer Lady’s SVG Images For Heralds, while others come from historical documents including Insignia Florentinorum (Italy, 16th C) and Opus Insignium Armorumque (Slovenia, 17th C), and some have been newly illustrated for this collection.

Below is a summary of the new entries; each includes a single illustration unless a number is provided in parentheses, and represents a new heading unless marked as an addition.

  • Fields: Semy of Crosses Cletchy
  • Divisions: Per Fess With A Single Embattlement; Per Pale Urdy (2)
  • Ordinaries: Bordure Counter-compony
  • Shapes & Symbols: Annulets, Five, Interlaced In Cross; Compass Rose (2 additional); Cross Moline Disjointed; Cross Of Calatrava; Hexagon; Knot, Cavendish, or Savoy Knot; Mullet of 8 Points (1 additional); Mullet of 8 Mascles Interlaced; Nailpuller, Japanese; Nailpullers, Four Japanese, Two and Two; Pentagon; Triquetra (1 additional); Triquetras, Cross of; Umebachi
  • World & Heavens: Crescent (1 additional); Goutte (1 additional); Gurges (1 additional); Moon, Increscent (1 additional); Rainbow (1 additional); Ray of the Sun Issuant From Dexter Chief
  • Plants: Banana; Créquier; Garlic Bulb; Garlic Plant (1 additional); Geranium Flower; Jasmine Flower; Laurel Wreath (1 additional); Linden Branch; Linden Leaves Issuant From The Line, Per Bend; Magnolia Flower; Orange Flower; Poppy Flower (1 additional); Tree Issuant From A Mount
  • Fishes: Dolphin (2 additional); Dolphin Embowed; Fish Haurient; Fish Embowed; Fish, Flying; Lucy (3); Lucies, Three, Fretted (1 additional); Sea-Fox Naiant; Sea-Fox Naiant Guardant; Sea-Horse (1 additional); Sea-Lion (1 additional); Sea-Lion Naiant; Sea-Monster’s Tail (3 additional); Sea-Serpent Erect; Sea-Serpent Undulant (1 additional)
  • Birds: Auk, Great; Bat (1 additional); Bird (1 additional); Cock, Double-Headed; Cock Head Erased; Crane (1 additional); Duck’s Foot; Eagle (4 additional); Eagle, Double-Headed (1 additional); Eagle’s Head Couped; Eagle’s Head Erased (1 additional); Eagle’s Leg Erased (1 additional); Egg; Goose; Heron (1 additional); Hummingbird Hovering; Hummingbird Rising; Magpie Displayed; Peacock (1 additional); Peacock In His Pride (2 additional); Pelican Vulning Itself (1 additional); Pheasant Volant; Phoenix (1 additional); Raven (1 additional); Raven Displayed (1 additional); Raven Migrant (1 additional); Raven Regardant; Raven Rising; Raven Rising Displayed; Raven Rising Displayed Regardant; Swallow Volant (1 additional); Swan Naiant (1 additional); Vol (2 additional); Wing (3 additional)
  • Objects: Aspersorium and Aspergillum; Barnacles, Pair of (1 additional); Battle-Axe, Double-Sided (2 additional); Besom; Bridge of One Arch (2); Bridge of Two Arches (1 additional); Bridge of Three Arches (1 additional); Bridge Throughout of Two Arches; Bridge Throughout of Three Arches (1 additional); Buckle, Square, Trefoiled At The Corners; Candle Enflamed On A Candlestick (2 additional); Castle of Three Towers (1 additional); Castle of FIve Towers; Cleaver; Cornetto, Tenor; Coronet, Ducal (1 additional); Crown, Eastern; Cup (1 additional); Cupping Glass; Fetterlock, Closed (1 additional); Fishhook (1 additional); Flag (1 additional); Fleshpot (1 additional); Footbridge; Footbridge Throughout; Glove; Glove Aversed; Glove Fesswise; Gonfalon (2 additional); Grappling Iron; Hammer (1 additional); Harpoon (2); Hat, Jew’s (2 additional); Key (1 additional); Knife (1 additional); Knife, Pruning; Ladder; Meat, Spit of (2); Oar; Rake; Ring, Gemmed (2); Rope, Annulet of (1 additional); Scythe (1 additional); Spade (1 additional); Streitgabelklinge; Tower (2 additional); Wall; Wall Couped; Wheel (1 additional)

Traceable Art at Pennsic XLVII

The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art was in service for its second Pennsic this summer, and hundreds of armory submissions were drawn using images from the new collection.
With more than two thousand illustrations, it’s twice the size of last year’s edition. The fifteen binders required to store the print version take up a fair amount of space in the Heralds’ Point art tent, but now that I’ve incorporated the rest of the art from the old Pennsic Traceable Art books, we were able to retire those other binders and reclaim a bit of space.
My thanks to everyone who’s contributed art or provided feedback and other assistance over the last year.
Key goals for the coming year include fixing problematic images and prominently labeling all no-longer-registrable charges, rounding out gaps in the collection (how do we not have an illustration of an egg yet?), and adding more illustrations in a variety of styles from period sources and society artists. Drop me a line if you want to get involved!

New Traceable Images

Over three hundred and fifty images have been added to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art since the November update, drawn from a variety of sources.

The set I’m most excited about is the first batch of 94 images from Torric inn Björn’s Heraldic Templates, which was published in 1992 and, as far as I know, is the earliest collection of art distributed specifically to facilitate tracing in construction of society armory. My sincere thanks to Lord Torric for granting permission for these images to be re-published here.

This booklet offers far more potential than its 56-page size would suggest, because it contains elements which can be recombined in multiple ways; for example, it contains a few illustrations of deer in various postures as well as examples of various types of antlers that can be mixed and matched together to create stags, elk, and reindeer in those positions. Þórý Veðardóttir has helpfully worked through a number of these combinations, ringing the changes on postures of dragons, wyverns, cockatrices and basilisks. We’ve got dozens more  of these images still to process, and I look forward to getting them all online in the months ahead.

Another source of new images in this last round has been John Guillim’s 1611 A Display of Heraldry. While its engraved style with extensive shading contrasts with the pen-and-ink outline style used in most society submissions, the images are useful patterns for tracing that (with a bit bit of adaptation) can be used digitally as well, and I enjoy seeing material that dates from so close to our period of study. I’m particularly fond of his Dr. Seuess-ish eel and turkey.

I’m also continuing to work through the images from the 2007 Pennsic Traceable Art book, which yields over a dozen heraldic dog postures newly added to the collection this month, and from the Viking Answer Lady’s SVG Images For Heralds collection, which helped fill out some more of the many varieties of heraldic crosses.

The further I get into this, the more I realize how much remains to be done, so I’m looking forward to a productive new year as the collection continues to grow.

Traceable Art Fall Update

I needed some time off after the big push to get the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art into shape for Pennsic, but have made a bit of continuing progress on it this autumn.

We’re now up over 950 pages of traceable illustrations, and should blow past a thousand pages before the end of the year. (It’s amusing to note that at the start of the year I thought a thousand pages was likely to be the end point of the project — at the current rate, we could plausibly reach two thousand somewhere in the next couple of years.)

I’m also working on a new printable “catalog” layout that allows people to easily scan through design elements at a consultation table — it packs most of the tinctures, divisions, and charges into a compact format that’s a bit over fifty pages rather than a thousand.

The catalog layout still needs some cleaning up around the edges — I’m using a Perl script to rearrange the SVGs and metadata from the original document into a series of web pages which are then converted to PDFs via JavaScript and Chrome, which seems kind of jury-rigged but so far seems to mostly work.

Traceable Art at Pennsic

The Book of Traceable Heraldic Art made its premier appearance at Pennsic’s Heralds’ Point art tent this year.

I brought printouts of the full thousand-plus page collection with me, which was sleeved into page protectors by the volunteers at the point. While the new collection is not yet complete enough to retire the old Pennsic Traceable Art book, I was pleased to see that it was of practical use for many of the hundreds of armory submissions generated this year.

Throughout the week of activity, the team in the art tent generated useful notes about areas that needed more work, and as the Point was closing up, Signora Beatrice Domenici della Campana and Master Kryss Kostarev took several hours of their time to sit with me and systematically work through the first 430 pages identifying designs which needed correction or could be safely omitted from the version to be used on site next year.

I look forward to incorporating that feedback and continuing to expand the collection over the coming year.

Traceable Art Update For April

I’ve continued adding charges to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art, drawing from both the Pennsic Traceable Art collection and from period sources, and it’s now up to over 800 pages of illustrations.

Of these, I’m particularly fond of this image of a tent from Guillim’s Display of Heraldry (1611).

There’s also a new External Resources page that lists charges which are found in the PTA or PicDic but do not have corresponding images in this collection, and a Contributing page with some preliminary notes about how to send in your own art for inclusion.

More (and Less!) Traceable Art

There have been a bunch of incremental improvements to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art in the last few weeks:

  • I’ve continued to add images to the collection, so it’s now over 700 pages of traceable illustrations.
  • I’ve been sourcing more charges from historical rolls of arms, like this key from the Derring roll (c. 1270) and the Schnecke from Siebmacher’s Wappenbuch (1605).
  • There’s a new abridged version available for download that leaves out some of the mirror-image alternatives and artistic variations, producing a PDF with 10% fewer pages for folks who want to have less to haul to events in the field.
  • New “see also” links on some pages lead you to the matching entries in the PicDic and Pennsic Traceable Art libraries, so you can review alternative design options.
  • For the nerdiest folks who might be interested in how the site is built, there’s a new Build Scripts page which explains how a 2,000-line Perl program converts the book’s PDF files into a series of web pages.

I’m still working on a process to streamline artists’ contributions of images, but if you’re interested please feel free to reach out and introduce yourself and we’ll get the ball rolling.

More Traceable Art

I’ve made a number of changes to the Book of Traceable Heraldic Art recently:

  • I’ve finished incorporating the last of the 74 images I received from the Pennsic Bored-Artist Collection.
  • I’ve added a couple dozen more images from historical sources, including Bossewell’s book of 1572 and Guillim’s from 1611.
  • Many more of the items have downloadable PNG and SVG clip art files.
  • The online index does a better job of cross-referencing items under multiple terms; for example “Stalk of Wheat” is indexed under both “Stalk” and “Wheat.”